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Check out our massive range of cowboy boots from popular brands such as Sancho, New Rock and Grinders! We stock a variety of mens and womens cowboy boots in our UK Sheffield store, buy online and get free UK delivery or pop by the shop and ask a friendly member of staff to help you out. Sancho cowboy boots and New Rock are both well known for their Spanish made amazing designs, hard wearing and high quality cowboy boots. Choose plain style cowboy boots for daywear or go for a stylish flair with some of the more decorative cowboy boot designs! We also stock UK based Grinders cowboy boots, these are cheaper in price but still high quality, comfortable and stylish! Whatever you fancy and whatever your price range, we have the cowboy boots for you!

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Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots were developed to allow protection, support and all day comfort for hard working ranchers, and specifically 'cowboys' who rode the plains herding cattle.

Normally cowboy boots are constructed from full thickness cowhide, although a variety of leathers are used including snakeskin, alligator and stingray. There are many modern adaptations on the classic cowboy boot, including the short boot and the 'roper' or biker style cowboy boot popular in high street fashion outlets, but the classic cowboy boot has an angled heel and slightly pointed toe. The great news is that here at Rocky Horrors we have all three styles in stock!

Whilst riding boots have been used for centuries, the classic cowboy boot is a relatively modern invention, with the recognisable shape of cowboy boot we see nowadays only appearing in the late 1850's. The use of elaborate stitching, an angled high heel and long collar were developed not only from fashion requirements but also from a real need to protect the wearer whilst in the saddle.

Cowboy boots were designed with a pointed toe to allow easy insertion into a western style riding stirrup, whilst the smooth sole aids slip in and out. The high heel was developed to stop the foot from slipping too far into the stirrup, which could be a life threatening event if a horse were to bolt (a frequent occurence on some of the younger horses when trying to negotiate tough terrain!) as the boot, and the rider wearing it would be dragged against sharp rocks at high speeds.

The traditional cowboy boot has a long, full leather shoulder which was developed to not only protect the leg from chafing against the horse, but to protect against harsh terrain, scorpions and rattle snake strikes, whilst the loose fitting collar was designed that way so that the boot would come off if the rider was unfortunate enough to get his boot caught up in a stirrup.

Modern adaptations of the Cowboy Boot

Whilst the classic cowboy boot is still very popular, modern adaptations have become available which take some of the features of the classic boot and stylise these features towards the fashions we all love. The short cowboy ankle boot is now very popular with bikers and fashion conscious, with a short ankle length shoulder and elastication (or zip) to allow foot access. The biker style long boot also has been adapted with more rounded toe and shorter heel, which is more appropriate for holding onto motorcycle footpegs.

Our collection of Cowboy Boots

Rocky Horrors have a large range of fabulous cowboy boots in stock, including biker style, classic style and short cowboy boots. Our suppliers, Sancho and New Rock are recognised as producing the best quality cowboy boots on the market, with a range of styles and features which leave other brands standing.

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